An ALL-STAR cast of Celestial Sprites

Up to 4 players compete in a gravity-bending, party game with a wide variety of Galactic Games, such as Comet Collect, Constellation Catch, Gravapult, Overload, Star Ring, Event Horizon and more!
Currently in development, coming Q1 2025.

Coming Q1 2025!




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UNSTABLE ENERGY has infected one of the Sprites. Discharge the energy to another player before you OVERLOAD! Run away from the player who is overloading. Last Sprite standing WINS!

Comet Collect

It's a moon-sized soccer ball with its own gravitational field. It's Comet Collect!
Keep the opposition away and score by lining up the Comet for a launch into your OWN GOAL.

Star Ring

The Star Ring is the place to be: jostle with friends to remain in its roving and life-giving light, the only place that fills your scorebar. The first player to fill up their scorebar wins!


Protect your own precious planet against the volley of the oppositions’ bombs while collecting and lobbing your own counter-offensive bombardment.

Event Horizon

Players are being sucked into a supermassive black hole!
Run, jump and platform your way away from its relentless suck—but don't get too close to the opposition. Knock them off with COMET PUSH (before they knock you off, of course) and be the last one standing!

Constellation Catch

Race across the universe to TOUCH, HOLD, and CAPTURE as many constellations as you can. Constellations are fickle beasts, though. Unless they're CAPTURED, constellations can be stolen from under your nose! Protect yours and poach theirs: it's a Canis-eat-Canis world out there.


Fledgling Celestial Sprites compete and train together to learn how to one day become the next avatar incarnation of their respective cosmic concepts.


A manifestation of biology and organic life, Sprout is a personification of nature and all living things.


A manifestation of light, Prism is a personification of electromagnetic radiation that can be perceived by the human eye.


A manifestation of Earth's only natural satellite, Luna is the embodiment of the night and Earth's shifting tides.


A manifestation of the Star at the centre of our solar system, Sunny gives our home planet light and energy. Sunny has a close relationship with Prism and they both helped bring life to Sprout.


A manifestation of the magnetic fields which allow objects to attract and repel each other. Maggie has the power to bring others together, or keep them apart.


Having shone for millions of years, Spark is the brightest of all the Spirits.


A manifestation of the curved path objects can follow in space when affected by gravity. Orbit will sometimes stop by for a short visit, or they'll never leave.